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pay for graphic artist

Salaries and hourly average pay in the U.S. for a graphic designer – 2018   Graphic designers provide various kinds of media for offline and online advertising. The main objective is to create visually pleasing images that will convert into profits with the correct wages for a graphic artist equivalent to the quality of service rendered. […]

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type of computer for adobe

Reviewing the hardware technology needed for demanding Adobe graphic design software   For graphic designers creating the best graphic design will require specific software for manipulating images, video and text to create images with after-effects or enhancements that improve them. Most software used for PC/Laptop will need specific requirements to run them and render these […]

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apple ear pods

EarSkinz for Apple EarPods on Kickstarter I know the naked set of Apple headphones are annoying and constantly hurting the ears. Thats why we have EarSkinz that is an innovative and stylish way to help keep your Apple EarPods in your ears and prevent from falling out. EarSkinz is the ultimate EarPod accessory designed exclusively to improve […]

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me wristband

Phyode”s W/Me is a one-of-a-kind wearable device, together with your smartphone, it can monitor your body’s autonomic nervous system. The ANS is part of the peripheral nervous system, acting as a subconscious control system for your body. Instead of monitoring individual items such as heart rate or blood pressure, W/Me can monitor your body as a system and help […]

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We have show many watches that can be synced and connected to iPhone and android phones. Designer Mohammad Mahdi Azimi, has a great Nokia watch concepts that can be synced and connected to nokia Lumia series phones. It comes with features like pressure indicator, compass, altimeter, GPS, Calorie meter, 4G LTE. Will it be a competitor […]

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