Earskinz for Apple Earpods on Kickstarter

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EarSkinz for Apple EarPods on Kickstarter

I know the naked set of Apple headphones are annoying and constantly hurting the ears. Thats why we have EarSkinz that is an innovative and stylish way to help keep your Apple EarPods in your ears and prevent from falling out. EarSkinz is the ultimate EarPod accessory designed exclusively to improve the comfort, fit, and sound of your Apple headphones while adding a touch of color for personality. EarSkinz feature Soft plastic material directs sound into your ear canal to enhance acoustic clarity and the elongated design improves stability and helps to block outside noise. Enhance the comfort and fit of your iPod/iPhone earbuds. Fully detachable EarSkinz can be easily removed and cleaned with soap and water. Order Here













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