Computer Hardware Requirements for Running Graphic Design Software

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Reviewing the hardware technology needed for demanding Adobe graphic design software


For graphic designers creating the best graphic design will require specific software for manipulating images, video and text to create images with after-effects or enhancements that improve them. Most software used for PC/Laptop will need specific requirements to run them and render these images easily without difficulty and not hang. Having the best requirements installed in any PC/laptop for image, text and video rendering should be a priority to process without any difficulty so that the rendered image or video is visually appealing.

What is needed for maximized image or video editing

For image editing; the right set up with the best computer hardware and their proper software for graphic design is vital to begin with. Outlined are the components that should be installed in any PC/laptop package that is customized for image and video editing specially. For more on this topic, visit our homepage where we breakdown the 5 best laptops for graphic designers.

Get the proper RAM

Processing data on any PC/laptop when editing images or video will need enough RAM (random access memory) to render an image or video edited without processing lags or hanging. If the RAM is not enough upgrading it to higher GB or TB should be done.

Choose the best Graphic Cards for maximized image and video editing

The best performance graphics card is the key to creating edited images and video on any PC/laptop. Many options are available for image and video editing that perform well depending on its specifications. The best graphics card with the biggest on board RAM will be needed to boost graphic performance for any image or video edited.

The bigger, the better for hard drives

Storing edited images and video files will need lots of space that means a really big hard drive is needed! This is the backbone of all the PC components that support all the peripheral cards, software, motherboard that makes everything work. Get a 1 TB (terabyte) over gigabytes because a 1TB will hold more data considerably and no need to worry about losing space for important files.

Video Rendering should be 4k to 8k

Take special note of video editing capacity when choosing a graphics card peripheral. Make sure that it can edit 4k to 8k. Editing video data needs more memory than images and without enough memory a crash or lag can happen. Video cards that have up to 8k resolution will be best for editing video files. Add up the most onboard RAM for making image processing faster for both image and video editing.

The Best CPU and motherboard for fast processing

Multi-core processors (CPU) and support via multiple expandable slots for ram and extra graphics cards for faster processing on a motherboard is needed as well. Compared to single cores, the multi-cores like octa-core and quad-cores process fast and they are good at multi-tasking when needed for image and video editing. Having extra slots for expanded memory and graphics card or any peripheral helps in increasing processing speed for faster editing of images or video.

Best Software for Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop

photoshop requirements

Software that edits images and comes with tools to make editing easy. Images are altered by editing elements in an image like adding extra images (duplicating) and fixing layers to alter the color or elements. Other added functions like a corrected perspective, clone stamp tool with a channel mixing option for color mixing too. Runs on both PC and Mac for compatibility which makes it good for users of either system. A greenhorn new to graphic design will find it easy to learn.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

gimp hardware requirements

Gimp is a graphic design software that’s cross- compatible and with design tools for photographers and graphic designers alike. Enhanced image editing to clean-up and improve the quality of the images and photos is a great advantage! Features like customizable interface with a full-screen mode for editing and viewing for easier use makes it user friendly too.

Adobe Illustrator

illustrator for logo design

Vectoring images for creating logos, typos, illustrations and icons that are integrated into images for extra effects with usable plugins for extra image editing via Ai. It’s compatible with OS, Mac and Windows for all users on these platforms.


inkscape design software requirements

Similar to Adobe Illustrator and just as useful for anyone familiar with Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is good for anyone into graphic design who needs a professional tool for this purpose and an SVG (scalable vector graphics) file format that is best used for abstract graphics best but applicable to photo editing to a degree. You’ll need a Ghost script extension to open files though and is compatible with all operating systems.

Corel Draw

coreldraw requirements

A graphics program with excellent functions like clone stamp, perspective correcting options with color editing options as well! A Vector Graphics editor that is very useful when using vector graphics in a design. Used by most graphic designers for graphic editing with many features and functions which make it excellent vector editing software.

Adobe Indesign

indesign screenshot

Used for layouts on both desktop and mobile devices for editing. Many online magazine formats use this for design and best results if used on printed books, brochures or online magazines too. Tools like a drop and drag with any isolated layer and resizing easily plus access via smart apps for PC and Mac as well.

Adobe After Effects

adobe AF system requirements

It creates options for visual effects with compositing and motions graphics for film in post-production. Also used as a basic non-linear, audio editor and for media transcode unlike other software.

Final Thought: What are the benefits for Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers will need the best tools and that’s why the best computer hardware and their requirements for graphic design software is vital for the optimized editing of images and video. The relevant software and hardware requirements must be in any PC/laptop package for better editing. Armed with the best tools for graphic design will allow maxed out creativity for anyone into graphic design at any skill level to create amazing graphics!